Our machine IMG-1060H, the fully automatic flatbed die-cutting and creasing machine is the ideal equipment for solid board, paper and corrugated board converting. It has the advantages of fast production speed, high precision, large die-cutting pressure, safe operation, low consumption and stable performance. The machine adopts multi-point operation programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface for centralized control, featuring high reliability, long service life and convenient maintenance. The automation control realizes the automation of the whole process of paper feeding, die-cutting, paper receiving, counting, fault detection, etc. The man-machine dialogue makes troubleshooting convenient and fast. The machine is assembled as a whole, transported as a whole, transported in place as a whole, and can be put into production in one day, which improves efficiency and reduces expenses.

BETTERCUT IMG-1060H / Specification:

Machine type: IMG-1060H

Max. sheet size: 1.060 × 760 mm

Min. sheet size: 400 × 360 mm

Max. die-cutting size: 1.040 × 720 mm

Die-cutting pressure: 450 tons

Processable material: Solid board 80 - 2.000 gsm, Corrugated board ≤ 5 mm

Die-cutting precision: ≤ ± 0,075 mm

Max. mechanical speed: 8.000 sheets / hour

Min. front edge (Gripper waste): ≥ 8 mm

Main motor power: 11 kW

Total power: 16 kW

Machine dimensions: 5.300 × 2.400 × 2.300 mm (platform not included)

Total weight: ~16 tons

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