If you always work with large-format materials, our KLETT-BETTERCUT Model IMG-2100X machine is absolutely ideal and the perfect choice for you. IMG-2100X is our company's large format series, this large (giant) die-cutting machine model uses the new, wider, quieter and very precise LEAD EDGE FEEDER for maximum speed. Including 18% energy savings thanks to newly calculated curves for more efficient movements and smoother start and stop times. With the option of stripping unit or without stripping unit on request, it always depends on the customer's requirements. The machine is also equipped with a non-stop delivery system, in two different ways: pallet or pakage way, which of course can help to achieve maximum productivity. Greater performance in the stripping unit and better access with the help of a larger window.

BETTERCUT IMG-2100X / Specification:

Machine type: IMG-2100X

Max. sheet size: 2.110 × 1.520 mm

Min. sheet size: 750 × 600 mm

Max. die-cutting size: 2.080 × 1.510 mm

Die-cutting pressure: 400 tons

Processable material: 1 mm ≦ Corrugated board ≦ 9 mm

Die-cutting precision: ± 0,5 mm

Max. mechanical speed: 3.000 sheets / hour

Cutting rule height: 23,8 mm

Pressure adjustment: ± 1 mm

Min. front edge (Gripper waste): ≥ 8 mm

Max. frame size: 2.110 × 1.534 mm

Total power: 45 kW

Machine dimensions: 10.200 × 3.450 × 2.660 mm (without stage)

Total weight: ~36 tons

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