Our machine KLETT "BETTERCUT" Model IMG-1060HT, is automatic platen for Hot Foil Stamping & Embossing & Die-Cutting. This machine is our company high end product, it can run large format die-cutting as well as stamping with 3 longitudinal and 2 transverse foil pull system. High precision, high speed, easy to operate, quick make-readies, durability and stable performance. Features that make the machine one of the best options when choosing.

BETTERCUT IMG-1060HT / Specification:

Machine type: IMG-1060HT

Maximum sheet size: 1.060 x 760 mm

Minimum sheet size: 400 x 360 mm

Maximum hot stamping size: 1.050 x 750 mm

Maximum die-cutting size: 1.050 x 750 mm

Maximum die-cutting speed: 8.000 S/H

Maximum stamping speed: 6.500 S/H

Maximum operating speed: ±0.10 mm

Rated voltage: 380 ± 5% VAC

Maximum working pressure: 450 KN

Use compressed air: ≧ 0.25 ㎡/min ≧ 0.6 mpa

Stack height: 1.600 mm

Pressure adjustment height range: 2 mm

Cut line height: 23.8 mm

Machinable paper thickness: 0,1 - 2 mm solid board & 4 mm corrugated board

Hot stamping and foil mode: 3 Longitudinal & 2 Transverse

Main motor: 11 KW

Host total power: 16,7 KW

Hot stamping heating power: 24 KW

Dimensions: 6.200 x 2.500 x 2.750 mm (Without platform)

Dimensions: 7.500 x 3.705 x 2.150 mm (Including platform)

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