The wide web series flexo-printing machine is designed for printing paper bags, paper boxes, paper cups, paper bowls, tags, tickets, PE, BOPP by using ECO-friendly non toxic water-based inks and UV inks. With these inks the printing could match the environmental printing standards, particularly available for packaging material, printing of food, drinks and medicines. Brings high productivity with speed up to 150 m/min, easy to process of installation and operation training, high cost performance.

  • Max. paper width: 1.200 mm
  • Max. printing width: 1.180 mm
  • Repeated printing length: 286 mm - 1.200 mm

  • Max. un-winder diameter: 1.524 mm

  • Max. re-winder diameter: 1.524 mm

  • Gearing 1/8 CP space: 3,175 mm

  • Max. mechanical speed: 152 m/min

  • Thickness of plate: 1,7 mm

  • Thickness of sticking tape: 0,38 mm

  • Materials available: 50-400 gsm

  • Operation language: English

  • Air pressure requirement: 0,6Mp clean & dry

  • Power supply requirement: 380VAC 3Ph 50Hz

  • Range of tension control: 10-60Kg

  • Precision of tension control: +/- 0,5Kg

  • Ceramic anilox rollers: Printing units (LPI according to the customer's requirement)

  • Printing rollers: Printing units (teeth according to the customer's requirement)

  • Drying method: Hot air infrared drying system, automatic adjustment along with printing speed

  • Main drive: 20-30KW (NSK Japan bearings)

  • Transmission gearing: 40Cr (high hardness, high toughness, high wear resistance, long servicing)

  • Gearing: 40Cr

  • Lubrication system: Automatic

  • Working conditions: 24h - continuous operation

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